Coping With Morning Anxiety

Uncategorized / Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Most people who have problems with anxiety tend to also suffer from a morning anxiety condition. Understanding this condition involves knowing why there is an increased feeling of anxiety in the mornings. Identifying the reasons can already help you in taking steps to lessen the anxiety you go through in the morning.

There can be several different reasons for having feelings of anxiety in the mornings. These reasons can be physical in nature and they can also be due to the environment. It is also possible to feel more anxious in the morning due to certain habits you have.

During sleep, we relax. Once we wake up, our body can go through a jarring experience between a relaxed state and a waking state. This can cause us to feel anxious. Upon waking up, our body produces cortisol, which is the same hormone that is released in response to stress. This causes to be tense and anxious. It is possible to change the way you think about morning anxiety through telling yourself you are just having a surge of cortisol as a natural response of your body to waking up.

Another physical cause of anxiety in the morning is the drop in blood sugar levels while you sleep. This drop in blood sugar levels can result to having feelings of anxiety, therefore you might want to grab something to eat as soon as you wake up. Take note that the kind of diet you have can play a role in the anxiety you feel in the mornings. Consuming too much caffeine can also cause to feel tense and jittery, therefore contributing to anxious feelings you have in the mornings. It can help to eliminate or at least lessen the amount of caffeine in your diet so you can feel calmer. An alternative would be drinking a cup of soothing herbal tea to start your day. Smoking can also be a reason for anxiety in the mornings. The nicotine withdrawal you experience when you wake up brings about feelings of nervousness.

Morning anxiety can also stem from worrying about the events of the coming day, as well as feeling anxious with the thought of having to cope with them. If you catch yourself worrying about what your day holds as soon as you wake up, do your best to focus on the present. Think about what is happening right at the moment. Think about what you can hear now. Think about what you can smell right at this minute. Get back into the present. It can also help to sit down and turn your attention on your breathing. Try to take notice of the cool feeling as you inhale and the warm feeling as you exhale. Do whatever it is that brings you back to the present to help you lessen your morning anxiety.

Morning Anxiety: Simplify

Simplifying the start of you day can also help in easing morning anxiety. Try to make adjustments in your routine prior to going to bed. Before you hit the sack, make a list of the things you need to accomplish the next day. Make sure you include a timeframe for working on each task. This can help you sleep with less worry in your mind. It can also help to prepare for the next day beforehand through picking what clothes to wear or through packing your bag. There are several ways for you to simply your mornings through having less to worry about. With less things to do, you will find yourself less hurried. This can help you become more relaxed at the start of your day.