How To Grow Penis Tips & Guide!

Uncategorized / Saturday, December 16th, 2017

There are a lot of advertisements that use emails, brochure, banners and more to promote penis enlargement techniques and pills. However, are they for real? There is no official result concerning this matter. While the general penis size is said to be anywhere between 4 to 6 inches in length, there are a number of men who have longer size than that and they inspire the other men to have a longer penile body as well. It is also mentioned that with a longer penile size, a woman can get more satisfied, which again still a mystery whether it is only connected to mere sexual satisfaction or to other aspects such as reproduction and genital health. Whatever the truth, the possibility of enlarging the penis seems to be the never-ending interest for men. The fact that men still wonder how to grow penis brings some techniques to be well known among them. Regardless the size, essentially the ability to have erection and maintain it is the most crucial thing for a man, yet apparently for men size does matter. Here are some popular methods of how to grow penisnaturally.

In natural method of growing penis, dedicated and continuous exercises are obviously necessary. The results can be achieved after the practice has been implemented for several months or at the minimum of a period of two months. There are two popular methods of how to grow penis naturally which are largely known; i.e. stretch method and Jelq method. Both of the techniques rely on the continuity and quantity on a day to day basis. Unless the regularity of the exercise and the frequency is greatly maintained, there will be no significant result to expect visibly.

This method does not need any warm up and all you need is to relax. Take a hold of you penile end in your hand and for you who have the penile foreskin, pull it back to allow you grab the penis right on the head. It is important to pull the foreskin back as you are going to stretch the penis and not skin, otherwise, it is the skin that will even get longer. With a firm grip on the head of the penis, pull it slowly to the front direction as much as you can and keep it in this position for ten to fifteen seconds. Keep the counting in mind since the success of this method relies heavily on disciplined repetition. At this stage, the stretch should be felt at the penile base and this means that you have done the right movement. After the counting is over, loosen the grab and take a short break before you continue with the similar actions repeatedly for four to five times. When the method by pulling the penis forward to the front has been applied several times, you can now take a relaxation while giving a light massage to the penile body. The next step is repeat the procedure above and this time pull the penile head to the left as far as you can until there is a light pressure on the right side of the penile body and base. Alternate the stretch with the right direction for four or five times each side.

This method has been popularly known as the technique largely used by the Arab men. The preparation that you need is to warm up the penis by taking a warm shower or by wrapping the penile body and testicles with a towel that has been soaked in warm water. Wrap the penis and the testicles using the towel until it becomes cold. Another thing to prepare is lubricant to ease the procedure; baby oil or skin lotion will do for this purpose. Once the warming up process is done, you can start the exercise by lubricating the penis and it should be in an almost-full-erection condition. Grab the base of your penis and encircle it between your thumb and fingers. Make sure that you grab is firm enough as you should prevent the blood from the penile body from flowing. In other words, the blood will be trapped with your fingers’ firm grip. Then, move your fingers towards the direction of the head, pushing the blood to the penile head. For a maximum result, you are recommended to make this movement at the minimum of one hundred times each session. Please note that during this practice, there should be no ejaculation occurring so if there is a sign of ejaculation, you should pause the exercise. In addition to whilst-exercise ejaculation sign, the exercise should also be stopped if you have any discomfort feeling or even pain.

Like any other physical exercises, regular repetition, frequency and quantity are the most determining factors to obtain optimum results. With dedicated and disciplined efforts, you will be pleased that the exercise of how to grow penis naturally is worth your time and effort.